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Welcome to Your New Dental Home in Braintree, MA

Welcome to South Shore Dental Group, where we offer a warm and welcoming environment for all new patients joining our practice. Located in Braintree, MA, and serving nearby Plymouth & Norfolk County, including Quincy, Weymouth, Randolph, Milton, Hingham, Norwell, Duxbury, Cohasset, and Brookline, our clinic is equipped to provide top-notch dental care tailored to your individual needs. 

Led by our esteemed dental professionals Dr. Lawrence P. Joseph, Dr. Jose Camilo Segura, Dr. Adba Halabi Najjar, Dr. Georgios D. Vessiropoulos, Dr. Neil Rosenberg, Dr. David Pelham, Dr. Jennifer Soncini, Dr. Christine Melito, and Dr. Frank Schiano, we are dedicated to making your first and subsequent visits as comfortable and efficient as possible.

South Shore Dental Group is conveniently located on Granite Street in Braintree, making it easily accessible for residents of local and neighboring communities. Our office is close to major transportation routes and public transport options, ensuring ease of access for all our patients. Proximity to local landmarks and community hubs like Braintree Square, Monatiquot Kindergarten Center, and Braintree High School makes it easy for busy parents and professionals to manage dental visits alongside their daily routines.

Ready to join our dental family? Call us today at (781) 843-7800 or visit our office in Braintree to schedule your first appointment. You can also visit our website to learn more about our services and complete your new patient forms in advance. Welcome to exceptional dental care – right here in Braintree, MA!

Your First Visit

Our group is composed of experienced generalists and specialists who have trained in various areas of comprehensive family dentistry at Tufts, Harvard, Boston University and University of Pennsylvania. We are highly regarded for our expertise by local clinicians and academic institutions. Many of our staff currently hold or have held academic positions at Tufts, Boston University and Harvard dental schools.

Your first visit will entail:

  • Detailed intra-oral examination
  • Appropriate and comprehensive low dose digital x-rays
  • Intra-oral photographs of your teeth
  • Impressions for diagnostic models of your mouth when indicated.


We make every effort to schedule your appointment with you at the most convenient time.

Our office places one courtesy call 2-3 days prior to the date of service by an automated system. For any longer appointments with our General Dentists and Specialists, we will also have one of our administrative staff place a personal call for your convenience. Please remember that you are ultimately responsible for your appointments.

We understand that, at times, circumstances arise that prevent patients from keeping their appointments. In such situations, we request a 24-hour advance notice, so that we may offer the time to another patient who needs it.

Your Detailed Treatment Consultation

Our approach to your family's care starts with a vision. We envision what's essential to bestow upon you and your loved ones excellent dental health, then chart the course to that destination.

Every recommendation we make and treatment we propose, holds a singular mission - to guide you to a place where you no longer need our interventions. Our mission is straightforward and simple - to help you attain a state of health that sustains itself.

Crafting your treatment plan and understanding its associated costs is crucial to reaching our shared goal - long-term health, comfort, and aesthetic pleasure. The journey to optimal dental health might be short for some, taking just a few visits. For others, the journey might be longer, requiring more extensive treatment. We will discuss alternative treatments with you, clarifying the benefits and drawbacks of each option. This way, you and your doctor can jointly decide on the best approach for you and your family.

We prioritize your care above all else. Instead of compromising the level of care to fit a budget, we adjust the timeframe and sequence of treatment to accommodate your financial needs. Together, we embark on this journey toward lasting oral health.

Prescription Refill

Please provide us with the necessary information in order to fulfill your request. We will contact you when we have completed your prescription request. Please understand that we may not be able to provide narcotic pain medication through our website, so please call the office if necessary.

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Insurance and Financing

Planning for Optimum Care

While the process of planning treatment may entail very few visits for some people, our commitment pushes us to make extensive treatment accessible to those who need it. Our approach to your care is to modify the time frame and sequence of treatment to accommodate your financial needs, rather than compromising the level of care.

Dental Insurance

Dental insurance is an excellent aid in defraying some of your out-of-pocket expenses, but rarely covers the full cost of care. These policies are contracts between you and your insurance company. Since our office is not involved with this contract we have developed the following guidelines in an effort to clarify insurance issues.

  • We will submit claims on your behalf to your insurance company providing you supply us with complete information
  • We will assist you in estimating the insurance company’s contribution towards a proposed plan of treatment. However, we cannot assume responsibility for any variations from our best estimates.
  • We will accept assignment of benefits from your insurance company to us, provided you pay your anticipated portion by the completion of treatment.

Any differences that exist after all insurance payments and personal co-payments are made, will either be billed to you if a deficit exists, or refunded if an overpayment has been made.

Financial Arrangements

After a course of treatment has been agreed upon financial arrangements will be discussed. Your options are as follows:

  • Payment per visit as treatment is rendered: Full payment, or estimated insurance co-payment, by cash, check or credit card for treatment performed on that visit. This is the expected method of payment for basic treatment such as fillings, oral surgery, and preventive visits with the hygienist.
  • Extended per-visit payment: Payment or estimated co-payment, by cash, check or credit card, extended over the number of visits needed to complete the treatment. Extensive fillings, crowns, bridges, and dentures are examples of extended treatments.
  • Monthly payments: Extended payment for complex reconstructive treatment can be arranged through a third party called CareCredit. Your treatment coordinator will be pleased to explain this option to you. To apply for Care Credit Financing please click here.
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