Maintain Your Oral Health with Dental Cleanings in Braintree, MA

Welcome to South Shore Dental Group! Nestled in the heart of Braintree, MA, we are dedicated to ensuring that each visit to our office contributes positively to your oral health. Our professional dental cleanings are designed not only to maintain your smile but also to enhance your overall wellness.

What Are Dental Cleanings?

Dental cleanings are preventive treatments[/services/general-dentistry/] that play an essential role in maintaining good oral hygiene. These cleanings involve the removal of plaque and tartar that cannot be eliminated by regular brushing and flossing at home. Our skilled dental hygienists use specialized tools to clean your teeth thoroughly, preventing the development of cavities and gum disease.

Benefits of Regular Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings at South Shore Dental Group offer numerous benefits:

  • Disease Prevention: Regular removal of plaque and tartar helps prevent the development of gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Early Detection of Dental Issues: Frequent check-ups[/services/general-dentistry/exams/] allow our dentists to detect potential problems early, leading to simpler and less costly treatments.
  • Oral Health Maintenance: Cleanings promote good oral hygiene practices, contributing to your overall health by reducing risks associated with conditions like heart disease and diabetes.

The Dental Cleaning Process at South Shore Dental Group

  1. Initial Oral Examination - Our dental team begins with a thorough examination of your teeth and gums to assess your overall oral health and identify any specific needs. Our clinic is equipped with the latest in dental technology, including ultrasonic scalers and laser dentistry tools. These advanced technologies help us provide more effective and comfortable cleanings, ensuring you get the best care possible.
  2. Removing Plaque and Tartar - Using state-of-the-art dental tools, plaque and tartar buildup is carefully removed from above and below the gum line.
  3. Polishing and Flossing- After cleaning, your teeth will be polished to remove surface stains, followed by flossing to ensure areas between the teeth are clean.
  4. Expert Guidance and Recommendations - Our team will provide personalized advice on how to improve and maintain oral hygiene based on the findings of your cleaning.
  5. Scheduling Regular Check-Ups - We encourage setting regular appointments to continuously monitor and maintain your oral health.

At South Shore Dental Group, we believe that a well-informed patient is better able to maintain their dental health. During each visit, our team, including Dr. Jennifer Soncini and Dr. Christine Melito, provides personalized guidance on oral hygiene practices tailored to your specific needs. Dr. David Pelham and our dental team will also assess each patient’s unique situation to develop customized preventive care plans. These plans are designed to address your specific health needs and to prevent dental issues before they develop.

FAQs About Dental Cleanings

How often should I get a dental cleaning? 

Generally, we recommend every six months, but some may need more frequent visits depending on their oral health status.

What should I expect during a dental cleaning?

Expect a comfortable experience where your dental hygienist will clean your teeth, assess your oral health, and offer tailored advice.

Is dental cleaning painful? 

Most patients experience no discomfort during cleanings. If you have sensitive teeth, let us know, and we can adjust our techniques accordingly.

Why Choose South Shore Dental Group for Your Dental Cleanings

Located in the heart of Braintree, MA, South Shore Dental Group is ideally situated for easy access from local schools and community centers, making it incredibly convenient for families and individuals alike. Our office is just a short distance from Braintree High School, Monatiquot Kindergarten Center, and Mary E. Flaherty Elementary, facilitating the integration of dental health into your family’s busy schedule. We're also proud to serve families from Milton, Hingham, Norwell, Duxbury, Cohasset, and other neighboring communities in Plymouth & Norfolk County.

Our full dental team, including Dr. Lawrence P. Joseph, Dr. Jose Camilo Segura, Dr. Adba Halabi Najjar, Dr. Georgios D. Vessiropoulos, Dr. Neil Rosenberg, Dr. David Pelham, Dr. Jennifer Soncini, Dr. Christine Melito, and Dr. Frank Schiano, brings together a wealth of expertise and a passion for preventive care. Each member is dedicated to providing gentle yet effective cleanings in a welcoming and supportive environment.

Patient Testimonials

Hearing from our patients about their experiences at our practice is always encouraging!

Here’s a recent testimonial that highlights the commitment and care we strive to provide:

"“After searching multiple pediatric dentists in the south shore, a neighbor recommended Dr.Soncini, the only dentist her son would comfortably sit for. We went once and had an amazing experience. From the dental assistant and dentists first moments with my children it was clear we had found our place. They’re patient, verbally share all that they are doing, and have options at times. Incredibly skilled and all new technologies for X-rays.  After a year of my four kiddos being there, my husband and I made the switch! We are so pleased! I HIGHLY recommend this practice for children and adults alike!" 

This testimonial, along with many others, can be found on our Google My Business page, where you can read more about the experiences that our patients have at our clinic. We are proud of the feedback we receive and invite you to view more testimonials!

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